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Funding Proposal

Dannielle Hand, BA (HONS) Student


As a victim of discrimination through the majority of my life, I have always been interested in documenting the identities of those individuals who are not recognised in a positive light by society to help bring them forward to the spotlight. One of my biggest passions is helping those who suffer with mental health problems find comfort and support through the visuals I create, giving them the confidence to strategically confront the issues they have. ‘Mental Health’ carries a stigma that further isolates it’s sufferers in a way that can often be discriminating and most offensive. I want to build relationships with the victims to help them tell their stories to the world, and present an honest representation of a life with mental health. I want to be able to travel to an area in the UK where mental health issues are at an average high, to connect with a large community of sufferers and show a diverse amount of people. My goal is to help the victims in their time of need to find a voice in them, to find something that gives them back their dignity and reminds them they are not alone. I am determined to destroy the stigma and educate others about the realities of mental health and the repercussions of discriminating sufferers, in an attempt to build stronger support for victims.


I want me outcome to be made up of reflective imagery, showing the lives of individuals with mental health to portray to my audience the realities of this life. I would like to use my imagery in a physical outcome in the form of photobooks, telling stories of each individual separately, to form a collection like the community. I would also like to provide a public exhibition, allowing people to come and really indulge with the stories.


Building relationships and trust with an individual can take long periods of time, so realistically I’m looking a six month time frame for the project starting from September 2017. This time will allow me to build said relationships with the individuals and document their lifestyles, habits, and coping mechanisms in an in depth and honest way, building a cohesive narrative for the audience.


For this project I’m requesting a fund of £800.  The cost of my travel and accommodation is being funded by myself and another organisation. The £800 requested is to cover the cost of the production of the final outcomes – the book and the exhibition. The money would cover the cost of publishing the books for public use; the venue and equipment for the exhibition, such as boards and wall fixtures; and the printing/framing of imagery for the exhibition. It would also cover any unexpected and additional costs such as damage. These are essential aspects of the project as they help with the engagement and involvement of the audience which is important to achieve my goals. Any money not used will be donated to a mental health charity to express my support and thank them for their participation within the project, ultimately encouraging others to do the same.


  • A Level FMP Exhibition – Bridgwater College, June 2015
  • Award for Creative Thinking – 2015
  • ‘Our Essenscene’ Exhibition – St Saviours, May 2016
  • Collaborative Exhibiton/Symposium with India – PLYMERSION – Plymouth College of Art, 19thMay 2017
  • ‘Shifting Perspectives’ Book Fair – FICTIVE – Plymouth College of Art, 16thMay 2017


Thank you for your time and efforts in reading my proposal. I can’t express enough how passionate I am about the subject at hand and the eagerness to help raise awareness for such important issues within our society that are so easily ignored. This is a fantastic opportunity for not only myself as a photographer, but the victims being investigated and the audience eager to learn.


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