Posted in Professional Practice Year 2

Promotional Item Research

I chose to make a business card for my promotional item as I felt that this was the best way to broadcast myself as a practitioner, spreading my information quickly and clearly. To get some ideas of design I researched other photographer’s business cards to get a sense of any critical aspects that I should include in my own design.

I knew that I wanted a business card that had information on both sides so not to waste space, so made this a focus of my research.

I found that a lot of business cards followed the idea of using something very simplistic like their logo or name to embellish the front of their business card, which I found aesthetically pleasing. The front cover will be the first point of interest for the audience, and these show the simplistic method of doing that. The colours are either very vibrant or very monotone and sophisticated which gathers the attention of the viewer.

I enjoyed the use of symbols on the back of the business cards, portraying the areas where the practitioner is present such as online or by phone. I felt that as someone advertising a visual practice, this really fit well with the theme and is something I wish to use in my own design.

The business cards show the importance of consistency – making sure the design represents the brand of the person, consistent with all other aspects of their advertisement. If the business card had different designs running through it for example, the back was a different colour to the front, the business card would feel unprofessional.


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