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My Logo Design

My Logo Ideas

After my research into logos, I decided to trial out various logos that I felt would be successful at achieving my intention for a simple and effective logo.

When designing my logo, I was really inspired by the basic camera imagery in some of the logos I previously researched, so I used Photoshop to create one that I felt would
be effective for my own. I made the image black, grey and white to stick to the monotone
theme that I felt would make my logo more sophisticated and would make it easier when
using it as a watermark on imagery and for headers on letters.

I wanted my name to be the largest component of my logo to give the audience an immediate indication as to who I am. With the imagery of a camera being added to my logo making my occupation clear, I felt that the word ‘photography’ didn’t necessarily need to be a dominant aspect of the logo.

I experimented with calligraphic and modern fonts to try and portray my character within my logo. The logo is often the first thing to grab someone’s attention when looking for a specific job to be completed, so I wanted mine to give a feel of my nature immediately. I chose to go with the more modern font as I felt that the script font gave my logo a naive feeling. The modern font added a more contemporary finish to my logo
which is what I would say is the style of my work – contemporary documentary


I created two potential final logo designs – one curved one straight. I feel that the curved one doesn’t look as professional. Although eye-catching and aesthetically interesting I feel that it gives the wrong impression about me as a photographer. My themes are always quite serious and controversial, quite bold and in your face, which I felt was more fitting with the dominant and clinical presence of the straight logo.

Now that I had an image for my ‘brand’, I replaced my existing logo on my website and other online presences to the new logo, giving my practice a sense of solidarity and professionalism.

website 2


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