Posted in Professional Practice Year 2

Logo Research

logo ideas

When thinking about a logo, I wanted something that clearly showed who I was and my profession that was simple and effective.

To get an idea of how this could be achieved I researched simple photography logos to gather inspiration. I found that a lot of logos were just words, but I wanted some kind of visual incorporated with my logo to reflect the career I am essentially advertising myself to, so I also researched imagery of photography that is simple such as the apertures and simplistic camera logos.

I was really inspired by the calligraphic fonts, giving quite a feminist feel to the logo which would fit me as a female photography. I also liked the bold capitalised fonts as I felt they had a modern feel to them, which would show me as a contemporary photographer.

I like the pop of colour in some of the logos presented here as it adds character to the logo, however I’m not sure this is something I would want to do as I feel that it could be quite distracting if using the logo as a watermark on images. I feel the more monotone logos are more sophisticated and of a higher standard.

I also researched how I could potentially create imagery from my initials, however my initials are quite complicated when paired together so this has clarified that I don’t want to follow that idea.


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