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Call for Proposals and My Proposal

As one of my responsibilities for the symposium event, I wrote a call for proposals for students to respond to when volunteering to speak within the event. I also responded to this myself as I wished to engage with the event as a speaker.


Symposium with India

19th May 2017, 9.00am – 1.00pm


Dear Cohort,

On the 19th May, we will be taking part in a collaborative symposium with India, based in the room on the fourth floor of the PCA building. We are hoping this to be a really essential experience for us and for the students in India, so are asking for potential speakers to put themselves forward to make the experience more engaging.

If you feel this might be the task for you, we are asking for a minimum of 300 words proposal, stating your clear intentions of what you would wish to say within the symposium and why you are a good candidate. It could be that you wish to talk about your own work, the intentions of your work, or that you wish to compare your own imagery to that of the work from India. The choice is yours. The proposal needs to be clear and concise.

The deadline for the proposal is the 26th April 2017, giving the symposium team time to filter through the applications and get a rough plan ready for the trial run of the symposium on the 3rd May 2017 at 1.30pm in room 2.21 which you would need to attend. To submit your application, please upload your written proposal into the proposal folder in the 205 google drive folder.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of the symposium team.

We look forward to hearing from you,


The Symposium Team




When first approached with the theme of ‘The City’, I felt very lost and at a loose end with the possibilities of what I could show the city of Plymouth as through photographs. When studying the city in great depth I thought, what would I want to show someone who doesn’t know Plymouth about Plymouth?

Being fairly new to Plymouth myself this seemed a daunting question, but I quickly found that, for me, there are two major themes consistently rolling through the city – water and the urban modernisation of the city itself. This then became the foundations of my photographs.

My photos look at two areas of Plymouth specifically following the two themes – the boating lifestyle of Plymouth and the street art dotted around the city. When coming down to the crunch I found it quite hard to decide just one of the themes so tried to make a connection between the two.

Theoretically, I thought that the two ideas show the contrast of the city – the natural beauty of the water and the man-made beauty of the street art, combining together to create what we know as the city. Visually, I made connections between my chosen images based solely on similar colours within the images to make strong partnerships between two very different elements of the city.
As part of the symposium this is the idea I hope to convey through my speech, explaining my thought process and how I made my journey from start to finish with the given theme. I want to express that this was just as much a learning curve for me as for anyone else who may not know Plymouth so well, helping me to see different ways that the city has evolved.


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