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Budget and Costing for an Event


Budget Total Available to Us –

  1. £200 budget
  2. 32 students donating £3 = £96

Total = £296 budget

The total budget needs to cover all production costs –

  • Space
  • Boards for presentation
  • Paint for the boards
  • Wall fittings
  • Technical equipment
  • Prints from India
  • Frames
  • Each student will pay for their own individual prints/frames/wall fixtures
  • Printing of catalogues and symposium day flyers
  • Refreshments for the Day
  • Labour costs
  • Travel costs

The best tactic is to ensure that the decisions we make on each aspect ensures the minimal amount of expenditure to make sure we can spread the money effectively.

Decisions and Final Costs

  • Space – the space was internal which meant it was free of use, saving us money on this aspect of the event. Had we decided to go external we may have faced extra costs. Being internal other factors such as electricity, heating/cooling systems, toilets and water are of free access also.
  • Boards – also a free asset due to the fact they are borrowed from areas of the university. Buying boards would have caused a severe increase in spending
  • Paint for the boards – most effective and cost efficient white paint was £22, and we required only one tub
  • Wall Fittings – bought either individually for their own work, due to late arrival of work wall fittings became unnecessary for that. Had they arrived the cheapest wall fitting would averaging at £5 for 100 fixtures
  • Technical equipment – luckily we have an area where we can rent the equipment for free usage within the uni
  • Prints from India – the work from India arrived too late for us to have time to print, so this became a cost unnecessary for the day. However we are keen to create an exhibition in the future. There were 13 students from India. If we accepted two images from each student we would have 26 images, of the agreed size of A3. The most cost effective way of printing in within the uni. An A3 print costs £12 for a set of 3. We would need 9 sets of 3 – 9x£12 = £108 cost
  • Frames – agreed size of A3, also unapplicable due to late arrival of the work. For our future exhibition of the work A3 frames are averaging at £3 per frame, suggest we chose 2 images from each India student (13 students x 2 images = 26 frames), then we will spend 26x£3 = £78
  • Printing of catalogues and symposium day flyers – the printing of the catalogues made by the curatorial team came to £10 for 5. The leaflets were printed on INKJET which was 5p per sheet in colour. We printed 40 – 40x5p = £2
  • Refreshments – Tea, coffee, milk, sugar, water, orange and apple juice, selection of biscuits came to a total of £20. The use of the water tanks was free as these too were rented from uni
  • Labour and travel costs were unnecessary for this event as the event was internal, curated by a cohort of students which required no payment

Total Spend –

£22 + £10 + £2 + 20 = £54 spend

£242 remaining for future exhibition

  • 100 fixtures – £5
  • 9 sets of three prints – £108
  • 26 frames – £78

Total = £191 spend leaving £51 spare which can cover any unexpected costs.


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