Posted in Professional Practice Year 2

Brief Evaluation

I have felt this project to be really key in thinking of ways to represent myself to my audience. It’s really made me consider my image, my audience and the overall professionalism of becoming a potential practitioner within photography.

Completing tasks like this now at an early stage of a career creates a platform of opportunity after graduation, showing I have already considered my future career prospects and the image of myself as a photographer, giving me perhaps more credit than potential competition in the future.

I believe that this project has taught me to be more critical when planning, analysing and making decisions, creating more developed outcomes of writing and action, ultimately making my decisions more sophisticated.

I have found the funding and budget elements quite a challenge in this module but feel this is a really great way to practice, giving me existing experience for potential opportunities in my future. This is something I hope to continue working on in order to better my feelings towards this aspect of a professional life.

The symposium event and penfriend task was a really experimental way of collaboration with people who are beyond the limits of the country we live. It has encouraged me to consider other ways of connecting with people internationally, sharing experiences and methods that can inspire me and other people in our work.

My confidence levels when approaching unknown areas have increased during the project, meaning when faced with these situations again I will feel more at ease with completing the tasks and conversations, which will make me feel more engaged with the situation.

The project has taught me that working with large groups of people does cause a few intense moments but teaches the maturity of dealing with these, acting professional and calm in situations that could become aggressive. I also feel I should have taken a bigger role in projecting my thoughts and perhaps leading – I’ve realised I have an obsession with organisation and the lack of it at times during the project made me quite agitated. Perhaps if I was to confront the role of being a leader would not only make me more confident but would allow me to expand my organisation skills.


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