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The New Idea and Images – Water

After the last shoot I tried to study the city as a whole, what makes the city a unit? Being fairly new to Plymouth myself this seemed a daunting question, but I quickly found that, for me, there are two major themes consistently rolling through the city – water and the urban modernisation of the city itself. This then became the foundations of my photographs.

My photos look at two areas of Plymouth specifically following the two themes – the boating lifestyle of Plymouth and the street art dotted around the city. I feel that together, these two aspects of Plymouth really build the character and atmosphere of the city.

Thinking about the boating and water theme, I was inspired by the large navy enforcement within the city and how this is a huge pride and honour for Plymouth. I didn’t want my images however to be navy based photos. I wanted to go deeper than that.

When approaching my first shoot focusing on the boating and water theme of the city, I didn’t want to be too cliché and show the typical landscape photos of boats and the sea. I wanted to get up close and capture the character of the sea and the journeys individuals take to cross it. I wanted to investigate what goes on among the shore before heading out to sea, looking at the boats themselves and the docks where they leave. These are my contact sheets for that shoot.

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From the contact sheets I chose 5 of my favourite images, which I would consider for potential final pieces. I felt that these chosen 5 show my idea well, demonstrating more than just a cliché image of the barbican, but the actual demonstration of the equipment of a boating lifestyle. I used the water as an object of reflection – reflecting the memories and realities of the boats, which I felt was much more effective than using water in a landscape.

I think the colours and the textures bring real depth and life to the images, which in itself helps the image to become more engaging and memorable. I believe it helps to show the reality of what I was trying to capture.



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