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The New Idea and Images – Urbanisation

The next idea I looked at was the theme of the urbanisation of Plymouth, looking at mainly street art along with a few other ideas. As an art student, I felt this was a really key theme especially when talking to other art students in India, showing the idea of how art can be explored in many ways. When exploring Plymouth, I found that street art is very commonly used within the city as a form of expression, which I wanted to show in my own expressive medium of photography.

By photographing these areas I wanted to promote the idea of expression, and that although classed as illegal graffiti, it allows people to show off their talents and ideas. What means very little to one person would mean so much more to someone else, and I believe everyone has the rights to express that.

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From the contact sheets I again chose 5 of my favourite images, which I would consider for potential final pieces. I felt that these chosen 5 demonstrate the diverse amount of street art in so many different areas; regardless of how small it might be, it’s still effective. It also shows that some of the areas are hidden like in the underground, which I feel is unfair – people shouldn’t have to hide their expressions.

One of my final images wasn’t based on street art but I felt showed the urban lifestyle of the city well. With the faded colours, rusting and the prominent satellite on the wall, I felt it showed the very urban lifestyle that is slowly becoming evident within the city.

I think the colours of the images are really vibrant and eye catching enabling people to notice. These things are ignored too easily and I feel they are really relevant at creating a certain character for the city. I wanted to try and capture different textures to contrast the colours in the images also, which I feel I captured well.

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