Posted in Professional Practice Year 2

Selected Final Images

When coming down to the crunch of preparing my final images, I found it quite hard to decide between the two themes I had explored, so tried to make a connection between the two.

Theoretically, I thought that the two ideas show the contrast of the city – the natural beauty of the water and the man-made beauty of the street art, combining together to create what we know as the character of the city of Plymouth.

Instead of printing several images I wanted to narrow it down to only 2 or 3 based solely on my budget. Visually, I made connections between my chosen images based on similar colours within the images to make strong partnerships between two very different elements of the city. This way I could combine the images together to make one image. These are my experiments.

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From this I was able to see which pairings worked well and which didn’t, helping me to see the colours clearly and present the partnerships between the two. This was a massive learning step for me – I had never thought about pairing images this way and I felt that the process really worked and has taught me something to consider in future projects. This helped me get down to just three final images, which are shown here.

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I want to express that this was just as much a learning curve for me as for anyone else who may not know Plymouth so well, helping me to see different ways that the city has evolved into what we see today.


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