Posted in Professional Practice Year 2

Initial Idea for ‘The City’ Shoot

When first approached with the theme of ‘The City’, I felt very lost and at a loose end with the possibilities of what I could show the city of Plymouth as through photographs. When studying the city in great depth I thought, what would I want to show someone who doesn’t know Plymouth about Plymouth?

I thought at first about showing travel. Travel is a major part of Plymouth, with many bus services, trains and a large amount of bike riding. As a heavy train traveller, I decided to study the use of trains. In a previous project from my first year I studied the train station itself so wanted to focus more on portraiture and the kinds of people who travel on trains and what they do to pass the time whilst travelling. This was also a new step in confidence for me as I am not highly experienced with working with strangers so felt this would be a major step forward.

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This was my first set of images. I was quite nervous about the shoot so it wasn’t a large one. I feel the images are a starting point at showing my intended message but I felt that the pressure was too much and it made me feel a lot of undesired pressure to continue this as a project. As a project that is being used to almost ‘educate’ the university in India about the lifestyles of Plymouth, I wanted to do a project that I felt more confident about, both when taking part and about the imagery at the end.

From here I intend to try and make a more confident project, maybe sticking to my comforts of still life or using models, which I feel comfortable with. This however has been a learning curve and has urged me to consider using models that I don’t know when perusing projects of a longer time period in the future.


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