Posted in Professional Practice Year 2


After creating several online presences, I decided to make a website to give myself more credibility and a more professional nature. Without a website people could underestimate my professional abilities.

I used the site Wix to make my website as this offered an easy to use service at a very low cost for the domain name. For one whole year it cost me £24 for the use of my own domain name which is financially very little. The website offered me several templates to start off my website which I used as I have very little experience with creating one. I found this very helpful when establishing the lay out of my website.


As a welcome page I chose to use a plain background with simply my name and an enter button. I feel this establishes clearly and successfully who I am. It might be an idea to write photography alongside it; however, it does say it in the domain name so I would hope that it would be obvious what the website is going to be about. I am also considering creating a logo which would sit on the welcome page to add more character to my website.


In the top corner of every page it has my name in the font seen on the welcome page to keep a consistency of design throughout the website. Along the top there is also my menu. At the end of my menu I have included some hyperlinks to my existing online presences to show my existence in other areas and try to gain more following.


In my about me section I tried to focus on selling myself in a way that sounds professional, including my qualifications and experiences. I tried to write about my interests in photography such as my work with documentary but also making it clear that this is not my only area of ability so that I can show my diversity. I didn’t want to make this section incredibly long so not to bore the reader or make the website too word dominating when the website is for photography which is visual. I included a photo of myself to try and reflect my passion for photography and the desire to make this my career. I feel this area could do with a little more work, which I am hoping to do once I have studied artist statements and creating my own.


For the main portfolio of my website I decided to use a visual menu in the form of boxes, using one image from each category to represent it which, when clicked, takes you to the whole body of work within that category. There is also a written menu in the drop down menu along the top.

A general theme throughout my website is to keep the writing to a minimum – as a photography website I feel that it should be visual and allow the audience to interpret the work as they wish instead of me writing paragraphs explaining what I want them to think. My work is about telling stories and showing realities within society. My work isn’t there to tell people how to feel, but to allow them to see things a different way.


When clicking on the category box it takes you to the body of work within that category. For the presentation of the work, I used a slide across menu that automatically takes you through each image every three seconds although there are buttons for you to skip through the images quicker if you wish. I feel that this is a very clear layout which is easy to use.

I have tried to keep the website as simplistic as possible to make sure it is clear and easily accessible to the audience otherwise I feel that people would get fed up or irritated by the website and therefore would lose interest in my work. I want to keep my website as engaging as possible to make the audience excited and interested in what I have to show.


To complete my website I made a contact me section for any questions, queries or general contact that people may wish to make with me. I  created a separate email address for this so to keep everything separate and more professional.

I feel the website is a gradual continuing work in progress. It needs a lot of work but I am proud of the point in which I am at currently considering I have never experienced making a website before. I feel this along with my other online presences could really help to show myself to the world and allow people to explore the stories that I wish to tell.


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