Posted in Professional Practice Year 2


After being put in contact with a student from the Banaras University in India, I sent an email to my partner, starting with potential points for discussion that would create a diverse conversation that would be informative and inspirational for us both. Unfortunately my recipient did not reply. After the collaborative symposium event with the university, I pursued to email Shivani again using the symposium as a point of interest for us both to discuss. Yet still no reply. From here I decided to find a pen pal elsewhere.


I decided to make an account on PenPal World, allowing me to seek international recipients with similar interests to myself. I used the keyword search to look for people who were interested in documentary photography, giving us a common connection that would be a good conversation starter.

The account limits you to three emails a day, which I used to email three imternayional people to try and connect a conversation.


One of the people I had messaged had a website with his own imagery which I investigated as another conversational point for our potential conversation. I found his work fascinating and beautiful – something I was intrigued to know more about.


I eventually received a reply from the individual which was relieving as I had had no luck with responses from any of the other people I had tried to contact. It was nice to see how keen he was to engage in a conversation with me, stating he wanted us to get in contact on other platforms for an easier conversation and exchange of visual work. I think this will be something that remains a consistent. I rarely venture away from the UK so I feel excited by the idea of conversing with people around the world. Using our knowledge I hope we are able to support and help each other through our conversations. The process has increased my confidence when approaching people unknown to me; something which I feel is an essential aspect of a professional career. I also think this will broaden my experience and knowledge.


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