Posted in Professional Practice Year 2

Online Presence

As a starting point of thinking about a professional career I decided to create various online presences. I made more than 1 to enable my work to be seen on various platforms and be various audiences to try and gain a variety of attention.

All of my accounts are simply named Dannielle Hand Photography. Although a simple name I wanted to create something that was easily remembered and showed exactly who I was. It can easily be abbreviated to DH Photography which I still feel works well.

I try to show all types of work to avoid the idea that I only specialise in one area, although in my ‘about me’ sections I have always stated that I enjoy documentary photography. I want to show that I can be diverse in my work.

I am not creating an online presence to necessarily sell my work, but to gain a more professional feel to my photography. It would be beneficial if people were to see my work and contact me for my services as this would expand my experiences. However, at such an early stage in what could become my career, I just want to show my passion for photography and engage people enough with my work that in the future I could become more susceptible to job offers and a well-known name.


My first attempt at an online presence was to make a Facebook page devoted to sharing my photography with followers. Facebook is so vastly populated with members that this seems a logical way to start spreading my name and my passion, allowing others to ‘share’ my page and content to reach further afield than what I could on my own.


I also went on to create a Flickr page. I’m still coming to grips with managing this at the current time, but I feel it could be a vital level of online presence to have due to its main purpose of photo-sharing and engagement with others. I feel that being on a site that is solely for exploring others photos means I can provide myself with a costless platform of advertising and promoting myself.


I created a separate Instagram account from my own personal one to make a more professional area for my images to be displayed. Similarly to Flickr, I can use Instagram to promote my images, simply using hashtags to engage a wider audience. Instagram also allowed me to connect with my Facebook page, connecting two of my online presences together which would allow the audience to see my work through different sites if they wish to follow me further.



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