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Louis Porter

Porter started as a street photographer, looking at mainly urban areas. This led him into a vast amount of projects which are all different yet surprisingly similar in other ways.

Unknown Land – Australia

Suburban areas

Interested in the idea of dystopia, looking at literature and film

Biggest influence was the book ‘the other side’

Lots of yellow and blue, bursts of colour, bold

Shot during summer, flash, saturated colour film

Used a drum scanner to scan film which made colour management a difficulty

Would pick up ‘souvenirs’ from the sites he had photographed to compare colour and colour correction – this eventually made up an archival collection


I Love China – 2008 Beijing Olympics

Freedom to photograph but restriction to enter certain areas

Aim was to respond to things that the government wanted people to respond to such as museums and parks

Shoot when the sun is at its highest

WoN (1)

Wires at Night – Beijing

Looking at the wires and large electricity poles left from the Olympics, like urban furniture

Large things that are so casually ignored

A spontaneous shoot done because he was there at the time


100 Flowers

Communist had asked what people thought of the revolution, which created a sense of paranoia which was a crossover of events with the Olympics

Beijing planted several new flower beds over the city in light of the opening for the Olympics

Heatwave killed the flowers so they had to be replanted

Images like snapshots

The Anatomy of Business – Australia

Archive found from a financial newspaper which was stolen by protesting photographers

Porter modified them to avoid copyright, cropping into them to make you think about what it is that’s missing

Created a shadow archive with which he did the same to compare the two

Embeds meaning into the work

Was exhibited in Melbourne

In the published book, the ink increases as the book goes through to a page of black to show the production process. It is designed to come apart to reconceptualise the images within. The inks from the prints rub off on your fingers.


The Appendix

From the archive in the previous project he found 4000 images of business men sent to the newspaper

Cropped them into just their foreheads and paired them up with similar styles of hair/head

Through the series the hair gradually decreases

101 John Smiths

Most common name found on facebook, porter decided to collect all of their profile photos to study the photographic clichés

Raises the question whether they are all real

The ethical side of things is to just go for it!


Conflict Resolution

Images from this project are catalogued – he created his own archive

The book is formed into categories of images

Planned shoots to concentrate on exactly what he wanted

What constitutes the surface of a city?

Small incidents create our normality

Interested in things that look ‘crap’ as this creates something beautiful

In the book the colours are conflicting like a wash over

This was the set of work that most influenced some initial thoughts for ‘The City’ project currently at hand. Small incidents create our normality. This has made me consider looking through the city to think about what small things we might miss but are actually the happy accidents that make society. The small things around us that build the area we live in in a way that makes it our home, our life.


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