Posted in Professional Practice Year 2

Artist Statement

As a photographer, I enjoy capturing realities that surround us, with the intention to educate others and myself about the world. I approach this with a documentary style, inspired by memory, emotion and identities within society. My main motive is to allow my audience the right to see everything candidly.

Being fairly new to Plymouth and the city life, I faced my recent project with the intention to study the consistencies within the city, to find my feet in a place that seemed so big. I instantly recognised two major themes casting through the city – water and the urban modernisation of Plymouth itself. I wanted to explore these areas visually to present the identity which I feel the city bares.

I was inspired by Plymouth as the ‘Ocean City’ which was my first point of interest when producing images. I also felt intrigued by the ample amount of street art presented around the city. As an artist myself, I felt this was a vital theme, demonstrating how art can be expressed in various ways.

When exploring my images, I found it difficult to decide which of the two themes presented my intentions better, so tried to make a connection between them.  The two ideas together show the diversity of the city’s beauty – the natural beauty of the water and the man-made beauty of the street art. Visually, I made connections between my chosen images based on similar colours within, creating strong partnerships between two very different elements of the city that create Plymouth’s character.

Dannielle Hand


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