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Trans Characters In The Media Questionnaire

88% of the participants felt that Hayley Cropper’s casting in 1998 had a beneficial impact on the transgender society because

  • People aware of issue
  • Normalises
  • Brought to public eye
  • Discussion
  • Relate to
  • Helped people feel identifiable
  • Acceptance
  • Role model

Remaining 12% weren’t sure

Only 47% of participants had actually watched the soap when Hayley Cropper was introduced. 29% of those didn’t feel this affected their opinion at all. 11% said it made them interested to learn more. 17% said it made them want to learn more about the transgender society. there was no  negativity evident in any of the answers.

35% of the participants were not sure whether Hayley Cropper was portrayed well and honestly by an actress who is not a transgender. 47% of the remaining partipants felt the role was played well. The remaining 18% said a mix of yes and no. there was not one answer of no.

47% feel transgender characters portrayed by non-transgender actors have a beneficial impact on the transgender society. 11% think not. The remaining 42% were either not worried or were a mixture of both

The next British soap opera to cast a transgender character was Eastenders in 2015. Do you think there was too much time inbetween this casting and the character of Hayley Cropper? Why? 70% yes should reflect real life and increase in trans , people forget, 30% no or mix would be too samey, people would ignore it, better to be surprised, soaps don’t make much difference

“EastEnders’ shift in its approach to casting was hailed as a landmark moment by transgender actors and activists.” Do you agree? Why? 59% yes move in right direction, gave other trans people confidence to speak out about talents, gave activists more, 24% were not sure, 17% no Eddie Izzard, David Walliams and Matt Lucas destroyed much of the stigma from transgender people. They made trans people relatable and likeable for everyone. good but no landmark, not just soaps, films like Danish girl, wider audience

Finally, do you think that casting transgender actors to portray transgender characters has a more beneficial impact on the transgender community? Why? 71% yes  because

  • role models
  • acceptance
  • appreciation
  • feel they matter
  • better representation
  • relatable

18% yes and no because

  • trans should play non trans too to be normal
  • as long as believable and well researched
  • sometimes too shy to accept realities

11% no based purely on acting of individual and story being used in


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