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This year was the first time I have ever considered Professional Practice within my study of photography. I have found it very interesting to learn about different elements that contribute to photography besides the physical side of it, which has ultimately helped to increase my awareness when being the photographer and how I can build myself into a more professional one.

Learning about different photographer’s practice and journeys into photography has been helpful inspiration to decide the path I want to take and helped to decide that I am on the right one. It has also been interesting studying the curatorial side of being a photographer, helping me to look at how I present my work more creatively and studying how others exhibit their work to communicate with the audience.

It has been really helpful to learn a substantial amount from various photographers who have visited. this has not only helped me with research for other briefs but has enabled me to consider how I intend to build myself and sell myself as a photographer. Having joined from commercial and attending the symposium in London, I was able to meet a variety of different practitioners such as retouchers and freelancers.

I found the work experience placement very interesting and looking at the development of photography through various years in the archives what very fascinating. I learnt different ways of how businesses like these work, using their online data base and how they store the archives, as well as being able to build on my current technical skills and team work skills.

I found the interview quite a difficult task but it has helped me to be more confident when talking to other practitioners. I found my interviewee gave me some helpful feedback and information that will help me forward with my work as a photographer.

My main problem through the year was not keeping on top of notes and time management, meaning it all became a rush towards the end, however this is a consistent problem across all of my briefs so is a definite target for next year.

To conclude, I feel over the course of professional practice I have had the opportunity to learn a lot and have taken in a lot of feedback from various angles that I may not have considered before. I feel next year will be even more interesting to continue learning how to start a professional photographic journey and learning from other sources how to maintain this into a career.


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