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Class Exhibitions

During Semester 2, we were split into three groups to produce weekly exhibitions in the class room to get our minds thinking about creative ways of displaying work and working as a team to do this. I was in group 3, and in some ways you could say we were at an advantage as we were the last ones to do our exhibition meaning we had extra time to think about our idea first time around.

For our first attempt we decided for our exhibition to delve into the idea of capturing the essence of an individual, but decided to keep it simple with portraiture, some of which are staged and some obscure. Collectively we gathered images to create a PowerPoint accompanied by music to help bring a tranquil feel to the space enabling you to observe the imagery at a deeper level. We set this up within the small cupboard in our classroom, and projected the PowerPoint onto an easel, linking back to historical portraiture painting.

Our second idea was to create a 3D shape that consisted of images of shapes that could be seen in 3D by wearing glasses. We used the internet to find different shaped nets which we then assembled and photographed quite simply on a white background. We then took the images to Photoshop where we used basic techniques found on YouTube to create the classical red and blue 3D effect to the image. Once we had enough of these images to cover multiple sides of a shape we placed these onto another net and printed this out large to assemble into a large shape covered in 3D shapes. Therefore the overall theme of this exhibition was 3D image of shape onto a 3D image of display and then viewed in 3D with glasses. Through doing this I learnt different types of origami and also new things I can do to my images in the future on Photoshop which I had never considered to look at before.


Over all, the mini exhibition process allowed me to discover alternate ways of displaying my work which would add to the interest of it visually, as well as learning new techniques and working on my team work skills.



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