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19th September 1996 – Born

2001 – Parents seperated

September 2001 – First day at school

June 2008 – Left Primary School

September 2008 – Started secondary School, always enjoyed practical and creative work

June 2011 – Work experience in a photographic studio gave me realisation of passion for photography

September 2011 – Started GCSE subjects, a lot of creative subjects – art, fashion, graphics, photography was not an option

June 2013 – Left Secondary School

August 2013 – GCSE results

September 2013 – Started A Levels, including fashion and photography

February 2015 – Parents separated

March 2015 – Things got bad, needed to get away, wasn’t ever keen for university but following passion for photography seemed a good idea to get away

April 2015 – Diagnosed with depression, which I feel has helped inspire a lot of my work and distracted me from other things

26th May 2015 – Relationship with Connor began, was a massive positive after all the negatives of 2014-15

June 2015 – First photographic exhibition at college, won an award for creative thinking

Summer 2015 – Started doing small photographic jobs for family, friend etc. including a wedding to build on experience and portfolio

Summer 2015 – Offered unconditional offer for Plymouth and conditional offers from 2 others, a motivating factor

June 2015 – Left College

August 2015 – A Level results

5th September 2015 – Moved to Plymouth which was a massive step for me

September 2015 – Started university


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