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Marcus Davies

Marcus Davies is a Millennium photographer living in Totnes Devon. He studied A level photography and then a degree in fine art in Falmouth. He started out doing documentary black and white photography, mainly of sports. He also started to experiment with subcultures in the 1980’s. Davies’ father was an abstract painter so he was always surrounded by art. His father built a dark room and studio for him and his brother and this was Marcus’ first contact with the medium. He later began to experiment with orthochromatic film, which gives images a high contrast. He was inspired to do this by Mario Jackamelly. As well as being a photographer Davies teaches photography.

Marcus is an avid collector of things, from elastic bands to postcards, he has an extensive collection of John Hinde postcards. His idea was to turn a postcard; an item intended for mass sale into art by showing them in galleries. He advised us to rework images from the past to create our own innovative art work.

tra3One of his recent projects was inspired by Marcus’ young son who has Autistic Spectrum
Disorder. Marcus noticed that his son preferred order and things to be predictable. He
devised a game for him based on a railway track which his son had to assemble himself. The track was printed on tiles and could be put together in different sequences. His son loved this game and since then Marcus has made more than 1500 different layouts for his son and made it into a public art work.

As well as telling us his story, Davies advised us on different things within photography. He suggested we keep files stored safely for future opportunities as sometimes you can revisit work and do something different with it in the future for a new set of work. Researching heavily into a project was another one of his recommendations along with having the money to pull it off. He told us you don’t need to go a long way to take good photos and entering competitions can help to spread your name and gain confidence.

Martin Davies was a friendly man and easy to relate to as he was in the same position as us once and still teaches people in the same position. He gave us a lot of useful advice and showed us a selection of his interesting and amazing work.

Davies, M. (2008-13). Marcus Davies Photography Projects. Available: Last accessed 5th April 2016


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