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Photographic Exhibition – My Role Diary

16th February 2016

As part of the first session towards this task I decided to join the design area of the project as I feel my strongest area is design and distribution of something. Initially we had to come up with a name for the exhibition, so collectively as a class, we chose to go with “Our Essencene”, to link to the brief name but show that the brief is ours and this is how we have interpreted it.

As an initial starting point, we brainstormed ideas to create a logo for the exhibition that can be placed on SAVE THE DATE posters and cards to hand out now, as we don’t have any material to go into the show to use to advertise as of yet. We also used this session to set up a Facebook page, twitter account and website to have a place to advertise the exhibition and get people hearing about it nice and early. This is also something that the promotion team can use as a starting point to help them.

My role in this part was creating the Twitter account which I will use to keep followers updated with progression and information about the event, keeping them engaged with it.

Currently we are waiting for the curator team to go to the site so we can visualise the space and therefore a design for the exhibition, with size of prints etc.

In the future we are considering using flyers and posters to advertise our exhibition when we have images to use, which will be funded by us. We also have a goal of getting a design of some sort figured out before the 11th April so that we can use it on the big screen in reception to advertise also. In the near future we have a cake sale which the promotion team have organised to try and fundraise for the exhibition funds.

22nd March 2016

This week we listened to the plans and timescales of the curatorial and promotion group to work out what had to be done before the opening of the exhibition. We found that we were quite unorganised with our planning and needed to be more specific with deadlines and tasks.

We found that our chat on Facebook was simply causing too many problems with communication, causing arguments within the design group. This meant we had still not been able to decide on a logo for the exhibition, putting back plans to create posters and leaflets to start promoting the exhibition besides the social media pages. From this we have agreed we need to meet more in person to discuss and improve decisions to move forward and progress.

We decided to get graphics involved with the design process, giving our posters and look more of a professional standard. We created a brief for students on the graphics course including the relevant information so that they can design a poster for us which we gave a deadline of the 12th of April which means we can then collectively as a class chose a design from a selection made by other people so everyone is happy and no offense is caused.

We reiterated to the class as a whole that we needed to start posting images onto the social media pages so that we can show the evolution and progression of the exhibition over the next few months to get people talking and gather interest.

We made a timescale to give the other groups a rough outline of when things will be done so they can progress with their tasks too. We have chosen to work closely with promotion as they have a very similar role to our design group. From now we are just updating the social media pages with images and waiting for the designs back from graphics to make our final decision on the logo and design ready for promotion.

12th April 2016

This week we didn’t manage to get any designs from any graphics students so we continued to make our own poster. I found a tutorial online to make the poster into a gif to grab attention as a short snappy advert. I had never made one of these before so it was quite a challenging process but quite fun to be able to experiment with something new. I have showed my group and am awaiting feedback on better designs and ways to make it better as I feel these are only a starting point and need a little work to make them more professional.

After discussing with the rest of the group what they thought about the gif, I was advised to slow the gif down or decrease the information in the gif to make it more punchy and memorable. During this time, another group of people had gone elsewhere and made a new poster shown below, limiting colours to make it eye-catching and using snappy information to be clear and functional for the audience. I also feel this poster looks more professional and clean. Following this they also made a gif to go with the poster which I feel has more impact on the audience as it shows the poster in action and gives you chance to interpret the relevant information.poster final.jpg

Final Weeks Leading up to Exhibition on 16th May

After the poster was designed we had these sent off to be printed and handed around as leaflets. With this and the gif sorted we were able to help the promo team move forward also. Our main task left as a group was to keep up with the social media, showing everyone’s work leading up to the exhibition. My main task was to keep control of twitter, which I feel I did successfully. Although only a small job, it allowed me to spread the work of the whole cohort to gather attention to the exhibition and present the talent of the work in the class. During this time everyone individually was getting their images and frames ready to be sent to St. Saviours for hanging by the curatorial team.

Exhibition Week 16th May

On Monday 16th May at 5pm, we opened the doors of the exhibition to the public. I feel the overall exhibition shows a strong effort from the whole cohort, showing we were able to come over all of our disagreements to produce a worthy show. I feel over all during the process I could’ve put in more effort, but at times felt that the tasks I was willing to do were taken out of my hands without communication meaning I wasn’t aware they had been completed, leaving me with little to do. When I have to do an exhibition again I would like to be in a different area of the exhibition, like curatorial, as I feel like I should take part in something that would be more out of my comfort zone, to get a broader idea of the process of building the exhibition and planning the physical side of it.