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Dom Moore

Dom Moore is an ex student of PCA who visited us to talk about his career within photography and he got to where he is today.

Moore started off using a Lomo LC-A 35mm camera which he was given by his uncle. It is an analogue camera which he used to create LO-FI style images and cross processed to get over exaggerated colours. He also used this to make double exposures.

He then progressed onto a Holga 120 medium format camera which he used to create long exposures and again multiple exposures.

From his processes he made a large impact on the lomography society and made his way to the Lomography world congress.

His education was quite rocky, and college was his first SLR experience as he has always preferred film. Whilst studying, he won live briefs and found different styles that he enjoyed. He discovered the Hasselblad and enjoyed the work of Richard Renaldi. In 2009, he came 3rd place in the Fujifilm distinction awards.

To gain experience he advertised himself on Gumtree to gain work in his spare time. From this he did a job for the Shekinah Mission. He also worked with Fotonow CIC with the camera obscura which widely increased his portfolio. He shot for becky Dodman Knitwear, Greenman festival, Shaolin school UK, and Stonehouse Action which is known as the Unin Street party. His biggest job was the one he did for BBROOTS, which included making a mosaic out of images for their wall.

In the present day he focuses on portrait, weddings, music, fashion and commission photography. He said he enjoys the variety as he means he does something new everyday. I really enjoyed his work as he was able to recreate the style he used in film in digital photography to create the vibrant colourful images he owns. I also love the textures he uses in his images which makes them stand out and almost feel like you are in the image with the subject. He captures moments which you could easily miss which makes them so special to have.


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