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Reading an article task

This particular article appeared in a book about representation, under the chapter of image and representation. The article is about the representation of women within two movies of which the women are police, which is essentially a masculine job. I feel the article is aimed at a wide variety of people, particularly students as it seems the purpose of this article is to answer a question for an essay – almost like an analysis of representation in itself – which could be used as an example to teach students. As this article appeared in a book about representation, it was easy to discover the article and work out what it was about. The article is easy to understand as its very to the point and sets the theme of the article throughout. The article uses complex sentences that add a rhythm to the text which essentially keeps the reader involved in the text, and uses a lot of adjectives making it quite academic. Ultimately the analysis concludes that the woman “becomes a tool of men”, which objectifies the woman and suggests that the film being analysed doesn’t represent women in the correct manner.

[Nick Lacey (1998). Image and Representation: Key Concepts in Media Studies. London: Macmillan Press LTD. 169-171.]


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