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Being a Professional

Photographic Industry is about thinking outside the box.

For example, take this image. The original question was “join the 4 dots using 3 lines”. The only way to do this was to make the lines leave the box which stands as physical evidence of the classic saying. This was useful to know as this is the strategy useful for photography – photography is so big now that there is a lot of stuff that is duplicated by other artists. You have to be creative and fresh to get somewhere in the modern-day of and this is the best way to.nckdsanc

This triangle shows the key elements to being a professional and shows how they all interlink with each other, showing that they all help the others to develop as you progress on your journey. UntitledThis was interesting to see in the early stages of my journey in photography as I was able to see the skills and behaviors of which I already have and the ones which I should seek to work on, giving me goals for the year. It also made me think of the qualities which I believe i acquire which would make me essentially “stand out”. I believed mine to be that I’m passionate, so I will put my best efforts into my work as its what I love to do; a perfectionist, which means I will produce work to the highest of standards and won’t settle until I feel this achieved, however this can sometimes be of a disadvantage to me when meeting deadlines etc. as I can end up spending too long trying to “perfect” something; and finally I’m hard-working, which essentially means that I will do everything I possibly can to achieve what is expected of me and beyond. It will be interesting to look back at these qualities in a years time to see if they have developed further or if I feel that actually I have different qualities that may be more essential to me.


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